How to treat hives naturally

Hives are small swollen, itchy, red areas on the skin that mainly occur in single or in clusters form. They often occur as a response to the release of histamines by the body. Histamines are always released as a result of the body’s allergic reactions to food, medicines, among other allergens. They can also be released when the body responds to infections, stressful situations, sunlight, and temperature changes. If hives are not treated with Oxyhives, they can fade after a few hours but new ones may occur in their place. It is important to treat them so as to reduce their chances of reappearing again.

Use of a wet cloth

5930678_100A cloth or paper towel should be damped in cold water and then laid on the affected area of the skin for 15 minutes. This can be repeated every few hours and if the hives are severe, it is advisable to take a cold bath for 20-30 minutes to stay cool. This will help in cooling the inflamed skin and also in reducing the swelling.

Use ginger

Ginger has been known as the wonder drug because it has a lot of curative values among them being in the treatment of hives. To use it, cut off the skin of a fresh ginger and then rub it gently onto the affected area of the skin. A freshly skinned ginger placed in the refrigerator prior to the exercise gives excellent results because of the cooling effect that it gives.

Aloe vera treatment

Aloe vera is also another plant that has several uses among them is for hives treatment . It is applied directly to the hives and also to the skin surrounding the affected area. It helps to heal the affected area quickly and also reduce the chances of hives developing on the unaffected parts.

Herbal antihistamines

These include; stinging nettle, basil and coldsfoot and they can be ingested in pill form or taken in other forms. They help to temporarily give a relief from the itching and also reduce the redness. A freeze- dried stinging nettle is recommended because of its ability to reduce the amount of histamine produced by the body. Coldsfoot can be grounded into paste while basil leaves can be heated with steam and then gently applied on the hives.

Warm oatmeal bath

Soaking in a warm (not hot) oatmeal bath is also another way of treating hives. This is advisable when a large portion of the skin is affected or if the hives are concentrated on the lower legs and on the lower part of the body. The bath works great in relieving the itching and also in soothing the skin

Proper diet

Making sure that you eat a well balanced diet is also another natural hives treatment method such as Oxyhives. Proper diet helps to boost your immunity and as a result help you recover from hives attack at the same time reduce the chances of other attacks. It is important to increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods such as oranges, strawberries, among other fruits. Also, eat foods rich in acidophiles that aid in digestion and this helps especially when the hives are as a result of food allergies.