Here is the solution I found for my brittle nails

Yesterday I was looking on a web search engine about brittle nails and treatments for beautiful and healthy nails. It seems like the internet is filled with websites regarding the health of nails and cuticles, as well as treatments for nails, products for cuticles and solutions how to improve the appearance of nails.

zetaclearDespite the fact that having brittle nails with discolored spots and other abnormalities is not a life threatening condition, it is quite hard to hide them and I often use bright nail polish to do so. After checking more websites and reading a lot of details regarding my unpleasant problem, I have concluded that I need proper treatment.

I am not quite sure if I have onychomycosis, this condition described at wikipedia . It is a condition that affects the nails, but I landed on a website and I decided I should give it a try. Some facts about onychomycosis are a little upsetting, but I do not think that I need to remove any of my nails in order to get rid of this condition. I will try ZetaClear, which is a natural, effective and safe treatment for onychomycosis.

This product has natural ingredients that will kill the fungus and will restore the health and beauty of my nails. Onychomycosis may affect fingernails and toenails as well, and it often manifests as thickened nails, discolored nails (black, white, yellow or green) or brittle nails. I am tired of having pieces of nails breaking off and I certainly do not want to end up without any of my nails.

The web search engine also offered me details how to improve the health of my nails in a natural way and some interesting advices that I will definitely follow.

From now on, I will use nail polish less frequently, because it seems that my habit did not help me at all. Due to the fact that acetone-based polish removers are harmful for nails, I will try as much as possible to avoid them. I will wear rubber gloves when doing housework or washing the dishes and I will replace the rough emery board with a fine and smooth file.

Because I think that my nails need to be moisturized, I will use some oils to harden the nails and prevent this way any breakage. I will make a treatment for nails using olive oil, tea tree oil and vitamin E to make sure that my nails will regain their health.

I do not want to be embarrassed of my nails anymore. I want them to be healthy and shine beautifully. I will use the treatment ZetaClear and seek the advice of a doctor if this problem does not disappear. Artificial nails are not quite a solution and I do not want to harm my nails even more, but from now on, I will provide extra care to the appearance of my nails and I will sure make them healthy, strong and beautiful again.